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Charlbury Primary School is in a conservation area and has mature trees covering the whole site. At the back of the school we have created a wildlife garden, sensory garden and a woodland area which are used extensively as part of the outdoor curriculum. There are three large tarmac areas in which ball games are played as well as outdoor chess, sandpit area, tyre dragon, outdoor play equipment and climbing frame funded by donations.

The foundation stage outside area has its own sandpit, play cottage, outdoor play equipment and an outdoor classroom, used for group work .

There are many benches and picnic benches around the school site as well as covered huts which pupils enjoy sitting under.

Playing Field

We have a large playing field at Wychwood Paddocks, which is used by all pupils when the weather allows.  A range of PE activities take place here, including athletics, football and rounders.  We look forward to welcoming parents to Wychwood Paddocks on various occasions during the year to watch events such as Sports Day or Sponsored Runs. 

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is a place for pupils to respect nature, listen to the birds, cultivate vegetables and watch the flowers bloom.

Grants from the local community

Each year the school receives money via donation from our local community for which we are very grateful.  In past years the money donated has been used towards a wide varierty of projects that enrich the school environment both inside and out.

Funding is also provided by the school's parent fundraising group; Charlbury School Association (CSA).

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