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At Charlbury Primary School we are continually striving to expand the horizons of our children by providing education that stretches beyond core curriculum subjects. To this end, children take part in Forest School, we provide educational and residential trips and organise many extra-curricular activities such as cooking, choir, dance and Spanish. We like our children to receive regular glimpses of the world outside their school walls and their home life, believing that such an education contributes to children becoming well-rounded, happy and confident adults.

We are exceptionally lucky to live in a place that is home to so many extraordinary people with such a diverse range of talents and experiences. Charlbury and its surrounding villages can count amongst its residents farmers, musicians, furniture makers, designers, carpenters, electricians, painters, actors, authors, photographers, dancers, film and television producers and directors, to mention but a few!  There are people who have expert knowledge of environmental issues, of IT projects for developing countries, of organisational life and its many aspects. In addition, we are lucky enough to have many people with a foreign nationality.

It is wonderful that the children dip into this well of knowledge. If you feel you have something to offer and are able to visit perhaps once or twice a year to meet the children, demonstrate your special skills, talk to them about your work, or share your knowledge of your home country and language we would like to hear from you.  Please complete this form or contact us.

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