Charlbury Primary School

History of the school

The following information is taken from "A History of Charlbury" by Lois Hey:

In 1815 the Charlbury British School Society was established in the south-west corner of The Playing Close by philanthropic townsmen and women. In 1891 elementary education became free and compulsory. In 1927 Spendlove Close was taken over for school gardens and by 1928 children were growing all the vegetables for the cookery classes and the school dinners, the poultry husbandry classes produced all the eggs, and bee-keeping was taught. The gardens were also used as a public park. 

In 1957 the gardens became the site for the Charlbury Secondary Modern School, which was closed in 1982 and demolished in 1998.

In 1987 Charlbury Primary School moved to its new premises in Crawborough, and the old buildings on the Playing Close were used for further education until they too were demolished in 1998.

More information about the history of Charlbury can found on the Charlbury Website.

The school logo

In 1256 King Henry III granted Charlbury the privilege of holding a weekly market, giving it the status of a ‘market town’. The current logo is based on Charlbury’s old market house, a medieval building that used to stand at the top of Church Street, which was demolished in 1890. 

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