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After-school clubs

'My Time' at Charlbury Primary School offers a range of activities from 3pm until 6pm.

Research has shown that children who take part in "Out of School Hours Learning" show higher levels of progress, improved attitude to school and learning, increased self-esteem and improved attendance.  That is why we want to encourage ALL pupils to take part.

We ask that parents go through the current programme of activities with their child or children and encourage them to try at least one activity.

We are now able to offer an Early Birds Club, it will run from 8am until 8.30am every morning, drop off will be via the My Time door.  You can book your child in every day or selected days of the week.  The cost will be £4.00 per child per session.  

Any queries regarding My Time activities or Early Birds club should be directed to the School Office.


COOKING WITH LIZ - These lively cookery classes produce lots of delicious dishes to take home. Participants usually work in pairs and take part in mixing, chopping and rolling out. Pupils have made cookies, puff pastry parcels, pizzas and sweet and savoury muffins. The children love working together and tasting the results. Course fee includes all ingredients.

DRAMA CLUB – Throughout the year, the children will take part in a variety of exciting drama activities and games. The children will develop their storytelling, improvisation and script writing skills as well as build up their self-confidence. In the summer term, we will write and perform small plays in both age groups to perform to parents. The group will be run by Mr Dunstan who is passionate about drama and has extensive experience in teaching it to children.

GARDENING CLUB – The club will encourage children to look after the plants and flowers in the school grounds as well as growing vegetables and fruits. At the end of the season everything grown will be taken home by the children to enjoy.

GYMNASTICS CLUB - Run by Jane Brooks and Sam Patten, both fully-qualified Gymnastic coaches. As a British Gymnastics Affiliated Club we will work towards British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.  As well as Floor work we will use the Beam, Vault & Trampette, we will also put on the occasional display. Gymnastics is a brilliant way to stay fit, flexible and have fun.  Any badges and certificates for awards gained can be purchased at an extra cost.

HOMEWORK CLUB – This club, held in the ICT Suite, will provide an opportunity for pupils to study, research and work independently. Support will also be available to children who might like help to complete their homework. 

JUNIOR CHOIR - This club is for Year 2 and 3 children who love to sing and it is ideal preparation for Senior Choir which runs for Years 4-6.  As well as building up a large repertoire of carefully selected songs we will focus on acquiring good vocal technique and extending the children's basic musical skills.  At the end of each term there will be a short, informal performance for parents.                       

LEGO & GAMES CLUB – Children will be able to use a selection of Lego to make their own creations or play a variety of board or organised group games.

SENIOR CHOIR - This club is for any Year 4, 5 or 6 children who love to sing and are committed to working hard and learning a large repertoire of songs.  We will focus on good vocal technique and singing in two-part harmony and will aim to perform as much as we can.   

SCIENCE CLUB - real live scientist Sue Priest started ScienceClubz to enthuse and excite children about science so that more of them will view it as a career option for the future. Classes are always different, never repeated, and include experiments, dramatic role-play, design, games and teamwork. Children take home information for parents about what they’ve done each week and a small (optional) homework sheet.

SINGING CLUB - This club is for Year 1 children who love singing and it is ideal preparation for Junior Choir which runs for Years 2 and 3.  We will learn a range of carefully selected songs and musical games that aim to develop basic musical skills such as dynamics, pitch and rhythm.  At the end of each term Singing Club will join with Junior Choir to give a short, informal performance for parents.  

SPANISH CLUB – La Jolie Ronde Spanish is a fun and easy way for children to learn a new foreign language.  The course is based on well-designed small classes that give plenty of individual attention to your child.  A complementary CD/Book pack is sold separately.  The class is run by an experienced tutor, Elizabeth Vergara, who is a native Spanish speaker.  La Jolie Ronde have been voted the Best 2014 & 2015 National Activity for children aged 5- 12 years old.

SPORTS CLUB - This club is open to both boys and girls. Each term the club will be based on a different sport - hockey, soccer, cricket, basketball, athletics, volleyball and tennis. Each session starts with generic activities to improve agility, balance and co-ordination, and will also include practices and exercises specific to each sport, including small-sided games.

TINA’S DANCE - Pop/Commercial Dance Classes, taught by London choreographer/dancer Tina Piotrowsky, who has worked in the television and music industry for 20 years, performing with such artists as Take That, Beyonce, Kylie, Jay Z and many more. Great if you love the dancing you see on TV with performers such as, Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.   Cost also covers end of term show/costumes.  There will be a small additional charge for tickets for the end of year show, to raise funds for school.


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