Charlbury Primary School

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is funding that we receive from the Government on an annual basis. It is in addition to our school budget and is used to address the underlying inequalities between pupils who are deemed to be at a disadvantage educationally compared to their more affluent peers.

The school receives Pupil Premium for the following pupils:

Schools have the freedom to spend the premium in a way that they think will best support the raising of achievement for their pupils. The impact of the school’s decisions is closely monitored by the Governing Body in relation to the progress the identified pupils make throughout the school year and year on year. In addition, Ofsted hold the school to account for the progress that Pupil Premium pupils make.


The amount we expect to receive is £13,200.  Download the Proposed Expenditure report


The amount received was £22,440. Download the Expenditure and Impact report


The amount received was £26,080. Download the Expenditure and Impact Reports. 


The amount received was £25,080.   Download the Expenditure and Impact Reports. 


The amount received was £28,600.  Download the Expenditure and Impact Reports.


The amount received was £18,000.  Download the Expenditure and Impact Reports

Accountability for the Pupil Premium cannot look solely at academic achievement. It needs to take into account behaviour, attendance and emotional wellbeing.

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