Charlbury Primary School

Governing Body

On the Governing Body, there are representatives of parents, staff, the community - including the Town Council - and the Local Authority.  

Our governors meet around five times a year and also attend various sub-committee and working party meetings. In common with most governing bodies at primary schools, we have a Curriculum Committee, a Premises Committee, a Finance Committee and a Communications Committee.

In addition to curriculum issues, the Curriculum Committee ensures that all the most recent policies and procedures are in place, and often deals with recruitment issues.

Apart from overseeing school building issues and projects, our Premises Committee is continuing to monitor energy usage in the school.  

The Finance Committee monitors the financial management of the school, and also deals with issues of staffing.

The Communications Committee monitor two-way communications with parents and the wider community.

Besides their management role, the governors are there to help if problems arise.  Parents are welcome to contact the Governing Body through the school office.

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