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The schools in River Learning Trust that are in Oxfordshire are consulting on their Admissions Policies for the year 2021/22.  This is primarily to ensure that the Trust's schools' policies are in alignment with the in-year admissions arrangements for the OCC which our schools adhere to. The main change to the policies is in the way that distance to the school is measured and this is now "straight-line distance" in line with OCC practice.  Our school's proposed policy can be found here. It is also on the OCC consultation portal. The consultation period will end on Friday 24th January 2020. Should you have any comment or query on the policy please contact Mrs C Pitt  

Starting or moving primary school is an important time for your child and, together with Oxfordshire County Council, we would like to make the process as smooth as possible.

Admissions, including In-Year Transfers, are dealt with by Oxfordshire County Council and we have adopted their Admission Arrangements.  Information about applying for your child's school place, or transferring from another school, can be found here and current recommendation is to apply online.

At Charlbury Primary School we feel it is difficult to capture in text the essence of school life, so we hope that you will come and visit us.

We run a series of Open Mornings for prospective Foundation Stage Parents during the Autumn Term. You can apply for your child's school place ONLINE

If you are looking to transfer your child to Charlbury Primary School please get in touch to arrange a visit to the school, we will be able to advise if there is currently any space available in the relevant year group.

Please contact us for more information by phoning 01608 810354 or sending an email to our Business Manager at who will be happy to help you.

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Details of the Open Mornings for September 2020 entry can be found HERE

Full details on Oxfordshire County Councils Admission arrangements can be found HERE

You can apply for your child's school place HERE

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