Charlbury Primary School



Jane Holt

Deputy Head and SENCO

Eve Morris

Assistant to SENCO

Christine Pearce

Business Manager

Alex Westbury

Administrative Assistant

Vickie Jeffs

Site Manager

Alan Slater

School Crossing Patrol Officer

Pauline Hall

Foundation Stage

Teachers - Jennie Grierson and Gill Senior

Teaching Assistants - Sandra Slater and Sharon Harris 

Year 1

Teacher - Tim Gregory, FS & Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator

Teaching Assistant - Teresa Moss 

Year 2

Teachers - Eve Morris, Assessment Co-ordinator (3 days) and Jeanette Cotterill (2 days)

Traninee Teacher -  Lucinda Herington

Year 3

Teacher - Christine Campbell

Teaching Assistants - Tanya Butler and Sue Townsend

Year 4

Teacher - Jackie Davids

Teaching Assistants - Tracey Pratley and Christine Pearce

Year 5

Teacher - Kate Managhan, Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator

Teaching Assistants - Sarah Brooks and Jackie Brook

Year 6

Teacher - Richard Dunstan, Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator

Teaching Assistant - Sarah Broadribb