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Parent Council

At Charlbury Primary School we recognise that the biggest factor influencing the success of a child is the parents. To help us ensure that we continue to develop effective systems which allow us to seek and listen to the views of parents across the school, we are going to establish a Parent Council to represent the views of the parent body.
The aims of the Parent Council are to:

The issues raised by the Parent Council will be used to inform the Headteacher and Governing Body (the strategic leaders of the school) on matters of importance to the parent body. They will meet once a term and the group will be chaired by the Headteacher initially with the Deputy Headteacher taking minutes. After each meeting, minutes will be circulated to all the parents in the school, the staff and the governors.
We hope that parents will feel able to use the Parent Council to raise day-to-day issues which are outside the remit of the class teachers.
Some issues may be able to be resolved within the meeting whereas others may need to be looked into before feedback can be provided. When an issue cannot be resolved in the way in which parents are requesting, we hope the Parent Council will provide a forum in which a constructive dialogue about parents’ wishes and the school’s needs can be had.

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Parent Council Representatives 2017-18




 Jody O'Reilly


 Claire Wilding


 Sarah Nichol


 Angela Moore


 Diana Benfield


 Vickie Jeffs


 Michele Marietta

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