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Fundraising (CSA)

What is the CSA?

We are the parent fund-raising body for Charlbury Primary School, a registered charity, dedicated to organising events and raising money to fund additional equipment and facilities for the school. Constitutionally, ALL parents of children at the school are automatically members of the CSA.

The CSA is lead by a committee of parents, the headteacher and the school secretary and organise a variety of fund-raising events and grant applications, they also oversee the expenditure of the monies raised. The parent committee members have all volunteered and are appointed by consensus. The CSA meets approximately five times a year with smaller groups meeting additionally for specific events.

Why we exist and what the money is spent on

In common with other schools, our primary school increasingly relies on the CSA for a long list of classroom/school resources. The CSA regularly raises over £5,000 in a school year.  The way the money is spent is communicated to parents via the school newsletter or information is available from the school office. Past fundraising has been used to fund: climbing wall and safety matting; swimming pool maintenance and lifeguard training; sound and lighting system for the school hall; library/guided reading books; playground furniture; sports equipment; art materials; three cookers and a fridge.

Project Playground

After a great deal of fundraising the play equipment has finally been installed. The CSA would like to thank everyone who has helped raise the money to make the play equipment possible. It is being well received by all of the children from Foundation through to Year 6. 

Our Fundraising Events

Past events have included: May Ball, Medieval Banquet, Casino Night, Talent Night, Auction of Promises, Quiz Nights, Summer and Christmas fairs..... to name but a few.

Annually we hold a number of different fund-raising events, spread throughout the year.  We like to arrange one gala event so if you feel committee work is not for you but would really like to arrange, with our assistance, a Gala Event then please do get in touch.

We are also trying to increase our presence in the community by working with the Street Fair committee in relation to the Open Gardens scheme and of course, the fantastic Charlbury Street Fair.

To help the school to continue to flourish and offer a fresh and well-equipped environment, we all need to play our part.

You could help with CSA activities by:


With all our events we aim to maximise our profit and therefore the amount of money the school can spend on new equipment and resources. Increasingly we can achieve this by obtaining sponsorship from local (or national) businesses. If you feel you can offer some sponsorship, or your employer offers any charity schemes, please do get in touch.

No children at the school?

Even if you don't have any children at the school or if they have already left, you can still be part of the school community and help the CSA by:

If you are a member of another organisation (either charity or commercial) and you have an idea for a joint fund-raising event, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Annual General Meeting

The date for this annual meeting is publicised through the school newlsetter.

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