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Pupils' attendance or absence is recorded during the morning and afternoon registration period.  Morning registration takes place at 8.40am, children need to be in their classrooms ready to start at this time.  School opens at 8.30am so children have time to hang up coats and bags and change shoes before reigstration starts.  

Parents/Carers must inform the school before 9am if their child is going to be absent that day.  For absence due to illness or unavaoidable medical appointments please inform the school by calling the school office and leaving a message, stating the pupils name and reason for absence, on the absence line.  The school telephone number is 01608 810354, alternatively you can email the school at 

At Charlbury Primary School, we recognise that for a child to reach their full educational achievement, a high level of school attendance is essential.  

Attendance Facts

We are very aware of the link between attendance at school and levels of achievement.  There is ample evidence to indicate that those children who have excellent annual attendance tend to do very well at school compared to those with poor annual attendance or periods of absence.  With this in mind, the Headteachers of each of the Chipping Norton partnership schools have agreed to work together to raise awareness of the impact poor attendance can have on achievement.  Below is an indication of how attendance can affect a child’s achievement.  

97 – 100%              No risk

95 – 96.9%             Risk of under achievement

93 – 94.9%             Serious risk of underachievement

90 – 92.9%             Severe risk of underachievement

Below 89.9%           Severe risk of underachievement and possible court action

The greater the attendance, the greater the achievement!

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